Editorial policy

The Journal of Heart Valve Disease publishes peer-reviewed scientific communications pertaining to heart valves and heart valve disease, including but not limited to all issues related to the scientific activity of The Society for Heart Valve Disease. These encompass all relevant clinical, surgical and laboratory specialties, multicenter trials, morphology, physiology, molecular biology, pathology as well as design, materials, test data and performances of replacement devices, relevant instruments and equipment. The scope of articles includes original publications, editorials, current and collective reviews, technical know-how papers both in surgery and cardiology, case reports, correspondence and book reviews.

Submission of a manuscript to the Journal implies the authors’ assertion that (a) it is original, (b) has not been published before and (c) is not under consideration, or under publication elsewhere. Prior publication of an abstract of 400 words or less does not prejudice the originality of a manuscript.

Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be sent electronically via our online submission platform by clicking here.

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